Our Story

With over 30 years of experience, it's safe to say you're in good hands.

Like many other businesses Ideal Finance Corporation Limited (IFC Ltd.) started with the dream of one man, Donovan Lewis in 1991. He sought to bridge the gap between savings and investments in order to help others build sustainable wealth.

The seed for IFC Ltd. was planted almost 40 years ago in the 70's with the formation of Ideal Betting Co. Ltd. Bookmakers who specialized in Horse Racing. As one of the few remaining Bookmakers in Jamaica, Ideal Betting withstood the test of time through financially sound practices and innovative money management.

It's by diligently pursuing these two supporting principles that we have not only been able to thrive but expand and advance our mission of building sustainable wealth for others.

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Ideal Betting Co. Ltd. (1970's)

One of three remaining Bookmakers in Jamaica and the longest standing organization in the group of companies. It has a reputation for being one of the most trusted establishments in the country.


Ideal Finance Corporation Limited (1991)

We provide corporate and personal financing options at affordable rates and pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions tailored to individual needs. All investment recommendations are supported by comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis.

Ideal Portfolio Services Co. Ltd. (1994)

In 1994 after witnessing the transformation he made in his own financial life, our Chairman, expanded his company to include Ideal Portfolio Services. He saw an opportunity to further his mission of making wealth more accessible. Now it is the cornerstone of the group of companies.


Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. (2006)

Along the way acquired Salada Foods Jamaica, the largest coffee processing company in Jamaica. Salada has been in the coffee processing business since 1958. They are the largest coffee processing plant in Jamaica and the only soluble coffee processing plant. They also provide a variety of beverages, drink mixes and dessert products.

Ideal Micro Finance Co. Ltd. (2012)

Founded to make Financing available to Jamaicans regardless of socioeconomic status, Ideal micro finance disburses loans between $20k-$100k and offer one the lowest interest rate in the island.

Introduced US Equities (2016)

We consider ourselves trailblazers and in 2016 we introduced US equities when less than 10 companies were offering this option to their clients.

Ideal Securities Broker Ltd. (2021)

After years of operating in the investment space, our leadership saw it fit to further cement our space in the brokerage services industry by adding to the group of companies, Ideal Securities Broker Ltd. Our chairman in his mission of making wealth opportunities more accessible, took the bold step of establishing one of the newest primary brokerage houses on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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Group of Companies

  • Ideal Finance Corporation Ltd.

  • 17 Ripon Rd.
  • Kingston 5
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 960 6390
  • Ideal Securities Broker Ltd.

  • 31 Lady Musgrave Rd.
  • Kingston 5
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 677 6708-9
  • Ideal Portfolio Services Ltd.

  • 17 Ripon Rd.
  • Kingston 5
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 960 6390
  • Ideal Betting Co. Ltd.

  • Half Way Tree, Kgn 5
  • (Head Office)
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 924 2246
  • 20 Bell Rd, P.O. Box 71
  • Kingston 11
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 923 7114
  • Ideal Micro-Finance Co. Ltd.

  • 17 Ripon Rd.
  • Kingston 5
  • Jamaica
  • (876) 960 6390

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