Weekly Financial Market Summary - Nov 12

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The Forex market saw mixed results this week. The Jamaican dollar (JMD) appreciated against the United States Dollar (USD) and the Canadian Dollar (CAD) however, depreciated against the Euro and British Pound (GBP). Year to date the Jamaica dollar has only lost ground to the USD (1.69%).

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) saw a decline in both the Main and Junior Market, with each declining by 1.36% and 1.65% respectively.

Seprod, NCB Financial Group and PanJam Investment came out as the top three main market top performers. Following NCB Financial Group announcement of J$28B net profit for its recently concluded financial year, 1.33 million units of the stock traded on the Stock exchange closing at J$132.26 per share. Mayberry Jamaican Equities slumped this week in their performance despite a solid financial performance over the previous year. GWEST Corporation came out as a top three Junior market performer for a second straight week, however, year to date the company’s performance stands at a negative.

 In the international Markets, the major traded indexes advanced for the week, despite the Nikkei lagging in its year to date performance. Yields on US Treasury of all tenor moved up with the exception of the ten (10) year Treasury.

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